John Lennon’s first known letter to be sold at auction

Item dates back to Christmas 1951, when the late Beatle was 11 years old

A letter penned by late Beatle John Lennon is to be sold at auction next month, expected to fetch more than £30,000.

BBC News reports that the letter, thought to be the earliest of its kind, was written by Lennon at the age of 11 in 1951. It is a thank-you letter to his aunt, which thanks her for his Christmas presents that included a towel with his name on and a book about ships.

The letter will be sold by online auction house, closing on April 3. It is part of an auction collection that includes around 300 items.

See an image of the letter in question below.

A 50-year-old lock of John Lennon’s hair recently sold at an auction for £24,000.

Meanwhile, John Lennon’s personal stamp collection is set to go on display at an exhibition in New York.