John Lennon’s personal stamp collection to go on display at major exhibition

The Beatles legend's personal collection set to show at The World Stamp Show

John Lennon‘s boyhood stamp collection will go on display at the World Stamp Show, it has been revealed today (March 2).

Set to go on display at the show – which runs in New York City from May 28 – June 4 – Lennon’s personal collection of stamps started when a relative reportedly handed down a half filled book of collectors stamps, sparking the young Beatles’ interest in philately. The World Stamp Show takes place once every ten years in Manhattan and is free to attend.

According to Rolling Stone, The Smithsonian National Post Museum housed Lennon’s stamp collection in 2005, which reports that the majority of the collection was filled up with United States and New Zealand postage stamps the singer, songwriter and guitarist collected in later life.

NMEPooneh Ghana/NME

Back in 2005 in an interview with Smithsonian Magazine, late curator Wilson Hulme noted that there weren’t many rarities among the collection: “Typically, young boys aren’t interested in rarity,” he said. “They tend to concentrate on geography and colors. If they come back to collecting when they have more time and money, that’s when collections become exceptional.”

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Meanwhile, on February 20, a “significant lock” of John Lennon’s hair was sold at auction to a UK buyer for $35,000 (£24,295).

Heritage Auctions, based in Dallas, Texas, said the four-inch piece of hair was bought by Paul Fraser, a memorabilia collector from the UK.

The lock is thought to be the “largest lock of Lennon’s hair” ever sold at auction and was trimmed in September 1966 during the filming of Richard Lester-directed movie How I Won The War. Lennon appeared as Musketeer Gripweed in the film.

The lock of hair had been kept by a German hairdresser and was one of many pieces of Beatles memorabilia being sold today (February 20), which included a signed photograph of the band sold for $42,500 (£29,500) and a sealed copy of the band’s controversial ‘butcher cover’ for ‘Yesterday and Today’. According to Associated Press, the latter went for $125,000 (£86,700).

In 2015, a different lock of John Lennon’s hair sold at auction for the slightly lower sum of $25,600. Meanwhile, in 2007, another sold for $48,000.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that The Beatles’ annual contribution to Liverpool economy is valued at £82 million.