John Lennon to appear on new £5 coin

The late Beatle won a Royal Mint public vote with 92%

John Lennon is set to appear on a new commemorative £5 coin.

The late Beatle won the Royal Mint‘s public vote to be immortalised on a limited-edition coin as part of their ‘Great Briton’ series.

Winning with 92% of the vote, Lennon beat the likes of Jane Austin, John Logie Baird and Walter Raleigh, reports BBC News.

“It’s entirely fitting that John Lennon has been chosen by the public in what would have been his 70th year,” Dave Knight, director of commemorative coins at Royal Mint said. “The massive proportion of the vote he received shows clearly just how much his untimely death still resonates with the nation.”

Only 5,000 coins have been issued, plus a one-off 24-carat gold version of the coin, which will be given to John Lennon‘s estate.

The price of the coin is £44.99. For more information visit

As previously reported, fans from around the world paid respect to John Lennon on what would have been his 70th birthday on October 9. A number of tribute concerts took place and a memorial statue was even unveiled in Liverpool.