Lennon Broadway musical to close

Just six weeks after it opened...

A Broadway musical about former Beatle John Lennon is to close just six weeks after it opened to poor reviews.

Its producers said the show – which opened on August 14 at New York‘s Broadhurst Theatre – would play its final performance on September 24, reports the BBC .

Created with the help of Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono , the musical had a troubled history that included major rewrites and a postponed opening night. Last week the show played to less than 40 per-cent capacity.

Written and directed by Don Scardino , ‘Lennon’ had been criticised for what the New York Times called its “Ono -centric” view of its subject’s life.

The musical opened in San Francisco in April to disappointing reviews, leading a second engagement in Boston to be cancelled.

Subsequent reports that British director David Leveaux had been brought in to replace Scardino were denied by producer Allan McKeown .

Based on Lennon’s songs and interviews, the show depicted the music icon at various stages in his life and cast a black actor as Paul McCartney.

It features 28 Lennon songs, including two unpublished tracks – ‘India, India’ and ‘I Don’t Want To Lose You’ .