The son of John Lennon gets emotional as the 20th anniversary of his father's murder approaches...

JOHN LENNON’s eldest son JULIAN has used the upcoming 20th anniversary of his father’s murder (December 8) to launch a withering attack at LENNON’s widow YOKO ONO, holding her wholly responsible for the fracturing of their father/son relationship and equating her to a “black hole”.

Speaking through a posting on his website [url=]www.julianlennon.com Julian said:

“There was a lot of anger in my life during my teens and twenties, because I didn’t understand what was going on or why things were the way they were. I had a great deal of anger towards Dad because of his negligence and his attitude to peace and love. That peace and love never came home to me.


“I wonder what it would have been like if he were alive today. I guess it would have depended on whether he was “John Lennon” (Dad) or “John Ono Lennon” (manipulated lost soul).”

In the no holds barred attack he went on: “Once I began to look at his life and really understand him, I began to feel so sorry for him, because once he was a guiding light, a star that shone on all of us, until he was sucked into a black hole and all of his strength consumed. Although he was definitely afraid of fatherhood, the combination of that and his life with Yoko Ono led to the real breakdown of our relationship. We did not see each other for extended periods of time and as the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind!”

Julian was prevented from attending his father’s funeral in New York after his mother (Lennon’s first wife) Cynthia told Yoko she felt he was too young to travel to such a difficult occasion alone. When she suggested accompanying Julian, Yoko made it clear that if she arrived neither would be allowed to attend the service.

Julian rounded off saying he would always be there for his half brother Sean hoping he would be “able to cope with his destiny” and concluded saying “and Dad, wherever you are, may your light shine as long as we do!”

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