Just watch, some rabid Beatles fan will pay a fortune for this...

Bricks from the childhood home of JOHN LENNON are to be auctioned via the Internet for charity.

According to the BBC, the 150 bricks, from a house in Menlove Avenue, Woolton, Liverpool, were acquired when US television network NBC filmed a TV movie about the teenage life of the ex-Beatle. During the filming, a downstairs wall was removed to make way for the cameras.

Speaking about the auction, producer Michael O’Hara said: “At first we were going to throw the bricks in a dumpster. Then I said ‘Hold on a minute’, because this was a very expensive movie to make and we were over budget and I thought here’s an opportunity to generate some revenue. We had a big laugh about it. But then I slept on it.”


It is anticipated that the owner of Lennon’s house will get 50% of the profit, while the Strawberry Fields children’s home in Liverpool will also receive funds. The rest will go to NBC to help fund the film.

Fans wishing to make a bid for the bricks, can do so between November 15 and December 4 on the NBC website, [url=]

The movie, ‘In his Life – The John Lennon Story’ is broadcast in the US on December 3 at 9pm (ET).

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