Russell Brand responds to John Lydon calling him a ‘bum hole’ – watch

Brand suggests Lydon is trying to "promote a show about bugs"

Comedian Russell Brand has responded to the criticism he recently received from former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon.

Earlier this week, Lydon described Brand as “arsehole number one” in a live webchat with The Guardian. He added to the Radio Times: “Don’t be like Russell Brand and bum holes like that. If you don’t vote, you don’t count. You’ve got to start local. There’s fuck all on TV, so go to town hall meetings and give them fucking hell. I’ve been thrown out of so many town halls.”

Lydon’s criticism of Brand didn’t stop there, with the punk icon making further disparaging comments to The Guardian about the comic’s so called “revolution” and calls for followers to abstain from the voting process.


“The likes of Russell Brand coming along and saying something so damn ignorant is absolutely spoon-feeding it to them… What he’s preaching there is a lifestyle of cardboard boxes down by the river. He’ll make you all homeless. He’s preaching all this from the mansion. Lovely innit.”

In a Youtube video response, Brand states that while he understands Lydon’s critique, he feels it was slightly misguided.

“John Lydon for me is a great cultural figure. I adore the Sex Pistols, I adore his music and I adore him, but it’s a common misconception that I told people not to vote,” Brand says in the clip.

“If there was a party worth voting for then I’d vote for them… and I would urge you to as well, but it’s difficult to create those kind of global political parties because of trade agreements preventing that kind of thing from happening on a national level, which is a complicated issue and I can see why John Lydon might have trouble fitting that into a tiny little interview particularly when he’s got to promote a show about bugs.”

Lydon has also made headlines recently by calling UKIP a “black hole” and slating The Clash.


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