John Lydon says The Rolling Stones looked ‘silly’ at Glastonbury

But singer says he won't have band mocked too much due to Mick Jagger helping out Sex Pistols...

John Lydon has said that The Rolling Stones looked “silly” when they headlined Glastonbury this year.

Speaking to Noisey, the Public Image Ltd singer also said that the Stones’ fellow headliners at Worthy Farm last month, Mumford And Sons, were on “the cornball side”.

When asked if he had seen either of the two bands at the festival, he replied: “I didn’t know Mumford were on. Urgh. To me, that’s fake dodgy paddy outfits, you know? It’s a little bit on the cornballs side. And the Stones… I saw about five minutes the night before in a hotel in Bristol, and I didn’t like what I was seeing. It looked just silly.”


However, Lydon said that he was reluctant to mock The Rolling Stones “too much” due to the help that singer Mick Jagger had previously given Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious. “Good luck to them, let them do what they want,” he said. “They’re not my enemy. Over the years, Mick Jagger’s actually done some nice things in our direction, particularly with the early Pistols. When Sid was in a lot of trouble, Mick was there secretly behind the scenes offering us lawyers and things, which we were incapable of getting together. So I won’t have him knocked too much.”

It was revealed yesterday, meanwhile, that Lydon will be honoured with the BMI Icon Award at a ceremony in London on October 15 in recognition of his work with both the Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd. BMI President and CEO Del Bryant said: “John Lydon is a true icon whose influence on music, fashion and art has been felt around the world. We are very pleased to recognize his impact on popular culture and his outstanding musical contributions with the BMI Icon Award.”

Public Image Ltd. released their most recent studio album ‘This Is PiL’ in 2012. The LP, which was the band’s first record in 20 years and the follow-up to 1992’s ‘That What Is Not’, was released via their own PiL Official label.