John Lydon on ‘Sons Of Norway’ punk film cameo: ‘I did it for the money’

But singer says Sex Pistols-themed film is 'excellent'

John Lydon has joked that he only agreed to appear in recent punk film Sons Of Norway “for the money”.

The frontman makes a cameo in the Norwegian Sex Pistols-referencing drama, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month (September 9).

The film, which is set at the height of punk in the late ’70s, follows a 14-year-old boy who discovers the band’s seminal debut album ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’.


Lydon, who also ended up serving as executive producer on the project, told that it’s an “excellent film” that “dismisses rumours that punk is all negative”.

He commented:

I’m really proud and glad and pleased that the other people involved appreciated my participation as much as I appreciated theirs.

Writer Nikolaj Frobenius and director Jens Lien also discussed how they managed to get the punk legend involved in the project, explaining that they showed Lydon the script after ambushing him at Public Image Ltd. gig.

“I wrote a scene with him, and we thought, ‘Let’s put it in the script and see what happens. We weren’t too optimistic that we were actually going to get John Lydon to play that character in the film,” Frobenius recalled.

Sons Of Norway is due to be screened at the festival again on Saturday (17).

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