He's being sued by his former drummer - and an American TV programme is on hand to dispense quick-fix justice...

JOHN LYDON has been up in front of the law again – on US television.

In a bizarre turn of events, the former Sex Pistols and Public Image Limited vocalist appeared on cult show ‘Judge Judy’ on Wednesday (November 1) after being sued by a former drummer.

According to [url=], Lydon’s court appearance came after drummer Robert Williams claimed that he had been unfairly dismissed from Lydon’s new band just ahead of a tour.

The show features real life Judge Judith Sheindlin dispensing quick-fix justice in real life cases for American television. Sheindlin found in Lydon’s favour, ruling that Williams had been unable to prove his case.

UK viewers can see ‘Judge Judy’ during the night on ITV. Exact times vary according to region. It is not yet clear when Lydon’s appearance will be aired outside the US.