The publisher says it is "too early to know" what will happen following the legendary man's death...

The publisher of JOHN PEEL’s autobiography have said that it is not yet known whether the book will go ahead.

Transworld Books, a division of Random House, commented that it is “too early to know”, and that Peel’s wife Sheila will be left to decide what happens with the long-awaited title.

The publishers bought the rights to the book last year, paying a reported £1.5m advance to the world-renowned DJ, who passed away yesterday (October 26).


Transworld managing director, Larry Finlay said: “It’s a very, very sad day. It’s tragic and we are all very shocked. It’s just too early to know what will happen. John said in his radio broadcasts that he was regularly getting on with the writing but a lot now will depend on what Sheila – to whom we send our deepest sympathies – wants,” reports the Media Guardian.

Finlay has not said how much of the book has been written, but Peel reportedly told the Mirror’s Scurra column that he had just 1,500 words written out of the proposed 100,000 words back in April.