The legendary DJ and broadcaster plays a grumpy old man in 'Five Seconds To Spare'...

Legendary DJ and broadcaster John Peel is set to make his feature film acting debut in a forthcoming British movie, ‘FIVE SECONDS TO SPARE’.

Peel, who filmed the 57-word cameo earlier this year, told BBC online ([url=] that he played a character that was essentially himself.

“I play a grumpy old man who spends his whole life filing records. How on earth they thought of me, I don’t know,” he said.

‘Five Seconds To Spare’, which stars Spice Girl Mel B’s current squeeze Max Beesley, Ray Winstone and Sean Pertwee, is the story of a young musician who travels to London hoping to become a success in the music business only for things to turn sour after he witnesses a murder.

Peel admitted to having enjoyed his brief time in front of the camera. “I was rather proud of it,” he said. “The only other acting I have done was on The Archers.”

He added: “The film did appeal to me. I rather liked the idea of being in a retirement home, looking through the TV schedules and seeing it there in years to come.”

The film’s distributors Winchester Films are hopeful it will gain a theatrical release before the end of the year.