Folsom city unveils first section of trail dedicated to Johnny Cash

Trail includes bridge that echoes Folsom State Prison's east gate guard towers

The US city of Folsom is paying tribute to Johnny Cash by opening a trail dedicated to the late country music singer.

The Sacremento Bee reports that the first section of the four-kilometre ‘Johnny Cash Trail and Overpass’ was opened by city officials yesterday (October 4).

The first portion of the trail includes a pedestrian and bike bridge designed to echo Folsom State Prison’s east gate guard towers. A fundraising drive is also planned to pay for a two-acre park and series of art installations along the pathway, including a 40-foot steel statue of Cash.

Cash become synonymous with the California city following the release of his 1955 single ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ and the 1968 live album ‘At Folsom Prison’, which was recorded in the facility itself.

In August, Cash’s childhood home in Dyess, Arkansas was opened to the public. The Man In Black’s daughter, Rosanne, told Associated Press that the Arkansas State University-led scheme was launched to help boost the local economy in Dyess, which has struggled in recent years.

“We have lost many other such places of historic significance because of a lack of funds, [no interest] or ignorance,” she said. “I am so happy ASU stepped in when they did. There were only around 35 cottages left and my dad’s, though dilapidated, was one of those.”