The legendary singer thows himself into work following the recent death of his wife...

Country legend Johnny Cash has thrown himself into to his work and has been

recording scores of new material since the death of his late wife JUNE


The 71-year-old music titan is recording up to three songs a day, his

daughter Roseanne Cash told an NME.COM source.

“He’s living for his work now,” she said.

Despite his health problems of recent years, Johnny Cash is understood to be

feeling fitter and better than he has for some time.

Johnny Cash‘s producer Rick Rubin revealed last week that a mountain of material

the pair have recorded over the past decade was going to be released in the

coming months in a box set.

A spokesperson for Johnny Cash confirmed that the release would appear around Christmas or the turn of 2004.

“It’s going to be a hugely significant release,” he said. “A lot of the

recordings are just Johnny Cash and a guitar. He is one of the only people left who could carry some of the songs the way he does.”