The superstar's daughter Kathy says there has been a "big improvement", but her dad is still "pretty weak"...

JOHNNY CASH, rushed to BAPTIST HOSPITAL in NASHVILLE last week (February 11) suffering from pneumonia, appears to be on the mend.

His daughter Kathy posted a message on [url=]www.Johnnycash.comyesterday (February 19) explaining that the legendary singer had been “moved into a room today from CCU (Coronary Care Unit). Big improvement but he is still very weak.”

She added: “I spent some time with him yesterday and his spirits are good. He was pretty funny in spite of how sick he still is… yes, the phoenix has risen once again!!!”

In an earlier posting she had explained that that pneumonia was not as severe as an attack that struck during late 1998 that is said to have almost killed him.

She added: “Fortunately, pneumonia only invaded his right lung this time instead of both, so he hasn’t had quite the battle he did two years ago. Of course, he’s two years older so it has been a good fight.”