Johnny Foreigner appeal for the return of a stolen microphone

The theft happened during their gig at Brudenell Social Club in Leeds

Johnny Foreigner are appealing to fans for help after a microphone was stolen while on tour in Leeds.

Playing the Brudenell Social Club on October 14, the Shure SM58 mic was stolen whilst frontman Alexei Berrow was crowdsurfing.

“I was floating around on my back in the top of the audience with a big dumb smile,” Berrow said in a statement. “Then someone robbed my microphone and sort of tarnished the evening.”


The gig was originally plagued by technical difficulties due to a power shortage, with the band set to play a free show in December in return.

“It’ll probably be billed as an apology for last night but really we just love what we do, any excuse,” Berrow explained. “If you bring us the severed head of the guy who robbed our mic, we’ll give you our gin. We won’t have much else to offer any more.”

Anyone with any further information about the theft can contact the band at

Meanwhile, two men have been arrested in connection to the Noah And The Whale equipment theft which took place in Manchester last month.

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