Johnny Marr criticises Record Store Day ‘eBay tossers’

Copies of his recent limited edition cover of Depeche Mode's 'I Feel You' were being sold online at an inflated cost

Johnny Marr has criticised the “eBay tossers” re-selling his Record Store Day release for an inflated price.

The guitarist put out a seven-inch for Record Store Day 2015 which took place last weekend (April 18), made up of his cover of Depeche Mode‘s ‘I Feel You’ and backed with a live version of The Smiths‘ 1984 track ‘Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want’.

However, Marr has now taken to Twitter to condemn those who are selling copies online at a high cost. “I’ll try to do an extra run of I Feel You 7″ singles so those who wanted it but didn’t get it don’t get ripped by the EBay tossers. J,” he wrote earlier today (April 21). On Record Store Day he also posted the message: “Do not pay inflated prices for I Feel You on eBay. It’s a rip off & not in the spirit of RSD. Johnny #screwthetouts”.


Speaking previously about the Depeche Mode cover, which is part of his live set, Marr commented: “I’ve surprised myself that it sounded so like me and my band. When you cover a song you have to bring something of yourself to it. I was playing it on tour, just in my dressing room, and it sounded good, and then I started to sing it and we worked it up in a soundcheck and played it immediately in the encore that night.”

He continued: “The first night we played it someone posted it on YouTube and it became really popular in the encore. Then the tour was over and I was invited to do something for Record Store Day and it was a really good fit. The song turned out surprisingly well. We managed to put our own twist on it, and I think make it modern.”

Marr and Paul Weller have discussed the possibility of working together on new music, following their recent onstage team-up in London. The two guitarists performed together at a Teenage Cancer Trust gig at the Royal Albert Hall last month (March 27).

Weller told NME: “We’ve talked about working together for a long time,” with Marr adding: “We’d love to do it. We’ll do a single together at some point, definitely… I played with [Weller’s ’80s band] The Style Council hundreds of years ago when we were both children and then a few years ago in America, but this is the first time over here [in the UK].”