Johnny Marr likens Brexit campaign to Nazis

"Nazi tactics is a not a good thing to let happen. Just sayin'"

On June 23, the UK will vote on whether the UK should exit the European Union. Johnny Marr has tweeted his thoughts on the Leave campaign, likening it to Nazis and fascism.

Marr tweeted a comparison of an advertisement used by pro-Brexit politician Nigel Farage (leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party) to footage from a Nazi propaganda film. Marr then conversed with several users over the tweet.

After a user replied ‘it sounds noble to bring in the poor/tired, but where will they go and live? Not on ur doorstep, u won’t have to deal,’ Marr answered by writing ‘My doorstep ? Do you not hear how much your words sound like Fascism ?’



He also tweeted ‘Nazi tactics is a not a good thing to let happen. Just sayin” and replied to a comment citing his tweet as ridiculous with ‘Why ? Is is ok for Frage to have done this then ? Enlighten me. I’m willing to learn’.

Marr also recently mocked Donald Trump’s ‘omelette’ hair during US gig on March 5. Speaking at the gig, Marr reportedly told the crowd: “We very nearly didn’t make it. Immigration is a strange thing. The embassy had my passport last week, and I was on television talking about Donald Trump. I said he was a billionaire fascist.”

“Then the next day, they rerun it with a bit more, and I said that [Trump] looked like he had an omelette on his head,” he added, according to Billboard. “And [the embassy] wouldn’t give me my passport. Coincidence? I think not!”


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