Johnny Marr to release Depeche Mode cover and live Smiths track for Record Store Day – listen

This year's event takes place on April 18

Johnny Marr is set to release a seven-inch Depeche Mode cover backed with a live Smiths track for Record Store Day 2015, which takes place on April 18.

The single will consist of Marr’s own version of electronic rock band’s 1993 single ‘I Feel You’ and a live version of The Smiths‘ 1984 B-side ‘Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want’. Speaking about the cover, which is part of his live set, Marr commented: “I’ve surprised myself that it sounded so like me and my band. When you cover a song you have to bring something of yourself to it. I was playing it on tour, just in my dressing room, and it sounded good, and then I started to sing it and we worked it up in a soundcheck and played it immediately in the encore that night.”

He continued: “The first night we played it someone posted it on YouTube and it became really popular in the encore. Then the tour was over and I was invited to do something for Record Store Day and it was a really good fit.” He added: “The song turned out surprisingly well. We managed to put our own twist on it, and I think make it modern.” Listen to their version below.


Speaking more generally about Record Store Day, he stressed how important the event was. “It’s something that’s important to me, and it gives bands a chance to do something special,” he commented. “It’s nice to do a 45rpm on its own. It’s really important to me, and there aren’t many opportunities to do it these days. I always try to do B-sides, with radio songs that we release, and I always make sure we press some seven-inches for record shops and to sell on tour. The seven-inch is a really big part of my personal culture and I hope it always will be.”

Dave Grohl is the official ambassador of Record Store Day 2015. The Foo Fighters frontman will lead the festivities on the day, which takes place on April 18 and celebrates the culture of independent record shops.

“Growing up in Springfield, Virginia in the ’70s and ’80s, my local independent record stores were magical, mysterious places that I spent all of my spare time (and money) in, finding what was to eventually become the soundtrack of my life,” Grohl said. “Every weekend I couldn’t wait to take my hard earned, lawn mowing cash down for an afternoon full of discovery. And, the chase was always as good as the catch!”

Record Store Day was conceived nine years ago in the US and was brought to the UK a year later. Exclusive vinyl is made available on the day and many stores put on live shows to mark the occasion.

It was reported earlier this week that David Bowie will release his single ‘Changes’ as a limited edition seven-inch picture disc for this year’s Record Store Day. The track, taken from Bowie’s 1971 album ‘Hunky Dory’, will be released on white/clear vinyl alongside ‘Kingdom Come’, a track that originally appeared on 1980 album ‘Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)’.