Johnny Marr: ‘Playland’ is about tension, anxiety and boredom’

Marr's second album will be released on Monday (October 6)

Johnny Marr has commented on the themes of his upcoming second solo album ‘Playland’ – due for release on Monday (October 6).

Speaking in an exclusive video interview with NME, Marr describes how the album addresses the “tension, boredom and anxiety” in society and how it affects people – click above to watch.

“It seems to me that people in the cities do a lot of chasing through consumerism and through distractions. Through sex, more consumerism, entertainment, more sex, being online… all things that we’re chasing and chasing,” he begins. “What I’m doing on the album is commenting about how this is what we do, but are we doing it because we feel tension, anxiety, boredom…? And if so, are those things created by needing a new phone or a new telly? Trying to get the rent together or money to go to uni, being hungover and all the things we do.”

He concludes: “All the things we do are in a loop of cause and effect, but rather than criticising it I’m almost celebrating it.”

Johnny Marr is also this week’s NME magazine cover star, where he goes into further detail about the album and other issues including his ‘outside music’ concept.

“I’ve been looking for this way of writing cool music for the daytime, because I actually think it’s more of a challenge, and is in some ways more impressive, to be able to do those songs that really work in the morning and in the afternoon,” he explained. “I started calling it ‘outside music’, as in you’re looking outside rather than looking inside too much.”

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