Johnny Marr mocks Donald Trump’s ‘omelette’ hair during US gig

Marr made the comments at LA's El Rey Theatre on Saturday night (March 5)

Johnny Marr mocked US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump at a gig in Los Angeles over the weekend, calling the Republican frontrunner a “billionaire fascist” and comparing his hair to an omelette.

The former Smiths guitarist played a show at LA’s El Rey Theatre on Saturday night (March 5).

Speaking at the gig, Marr reportedly told the crowd: “We very nearly didn’t make it. Immigration is a strange thing. The embassy had my passport last week, and I was on television talking about Donald Trump. I said he was a billionaire fascist.”


“Then the next day, they rerun it with a bit more, and I said that [Trump] looked like he had an omelette on his head,” he added, according to Billboard. “And [the embassy] wouldn’t give me my passport. Coincidence? I think not!”

Trump has proved a controversial figure during his US Presidential campaign, angering several artists for using their music during his political rallies without prior permission.

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Marr’s latest release was his debut solo live album, ‘Adrenalin Baby’, which was released in October 2015.

It was recently announced that Marr will perform live with composer Hans Zimmer on the latter’s upcoming arena tour.

Marr has worked with Zimmer on the soundtracks to a number of films, while the duo also played together at Zimmer’s 2014 Hammersmith Apollo shows in 2014 and also at the Inception premiere in 2010.


Marr will be a guest at Zimmer’s upcoming live shows in London, Berlin, Manchester, Dublin and Orange in France. These new dates represent the first extended run of live shows that Marr and Zimmer will play together.

See the dates below:

London, SSE Arena Wembley (April 6-7)
Berlin, Mercedes Benz Arena (April 20)
Manchester, Manchester Arena (May 26)
Dublin, 3 Arena (May 29)
Orange, Theatre Antique d’Orange (June 5)