Johnny Marr on Spotify: ‘I can’t think of anything more opposite to punk rock’

The music streaming service "hampers new bands" he says

Johnny Marr has spoken out against Spotify, saying the service is the “opposite to punk rock” and “hampers new bands”.

The former Smiths guitarist turned solo artist was speaking out in the week’s NME, in which he delivers an alternative Queen’s speech. Pick up a copy on newsstands now or read the full version digitally.

“It’s been a strange time for music in general,” he says, reflecting on 2013. “Especially with the debate about Spotify. I’m not a supporter: I think it entirely hampers new bands, and the situation that Thom Yorke and Beck have been criticizing makes the old record companies of the ’70s look like cottage industries. I can’t think of anything more opposite to punk rock than Spotify.”


He continues: “I have no answer to the economic side of the modern music industry, but I do think we certainly shouldn’t stop valuing what bands do. I don’t like great things being throwaway. Pop culture isn’t just about ‘the music, man’. It’s a way of life, an aesthetic, and it’s not just about pressing a button and getting something entirely for conveniance.”

Johnny Marr recently revealed that he is planning on releasing an autobiography in the “next couple of years”. The guitarist’s former bandmate Morrissey published his autobiography earlier this year and the book has subsequently gone onto be a huge success.

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