Johnny Marr joins Nile Rodgers onstage in Manchester

Guitarist joins Chic founding member at The Ritz for performance of 'Le Freak'

Johnny Marr joined Nile Rodgers onstage in Manchester last night (May 29), performing the hit single ‘Le Freak’ together.

The pair are long-term friends and collaborators, regularly playing live together whenever they are in the same city. Rodgers was joined by Marr to perform Chic’s 1978 single. Tweeting after the show, Rodgers wrote: “The gig tonight was revitalizing but I’m not going to push it. I’m going to chill now. Big ups to #Manchester #CHIC #theritz & @johnny_Marr”. The pair had previously teamed up at Manchester’s Parklife Weekender last year.

Speaking about his relationship with Rodgers in 2012, Johnny Marr said that he grew up listening to Chic’s music and explained how it directly influenced his own guitar playing: “I grew up with for my generation of musicians – myself and what became of post punk generation – we were done with the old rock clichés. And people who loved guitar culture… Nile was a real guiding light for everybody because he was about songwriting. He wasn’t about showboating and he had that beautiful technique in there. And it was totally unique. I’d never heard guitar playing like Nile’s. Everyone liked it: punks liked Chic, rockers liked Chic. Everyone who had ears liked Nile’s songs.”

This Is Lancashire reports that Rodgers’ gig ended with the crowd singing along to ‘Get Lucky’, the song he recently wrote and released with Daft Punk. The producer and musician is one of a number of collaborators Daft Punk have worked with on their new album ‘Random Access Memories’. As well as Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder, Panda Bear, Julian Casablancas and Chilly Gonzales all feature on the hugely successful album.