Johnny Marr slams David Cameron for ‘inhuman’ treatment of disabled people

Former Smiths guitarist made the comments at his Manchester Albert Hall gig on Wednesday (October 7)

Johnny Marr used his hometown show this week to air criticism of British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Marr is currently on a UK headline tour, playing two consecutive nights this week at Manchester’s Albert Hall on Wednesday and Thursday (October 7 and 8). Cameron has also been in Manchester for the Conservative Party conference.

During Wednesday’s show, Marr labelled Cameron’s cuts for disability funding as “inhuman” after it was recently reported that the Tories plan to cut disabled benefits by £30 a week.


“Hello Mr Cameron, it’s Johnny Boy. You know Johnny, from The Smiths – that band you like so much. No, not ‘Going Underground’, ‘This Charming Man’…etc etc,” Marr said during the gig.

“Seeing as you’re in our city I’d just like to ask you about the Brentwood school for disabled children in South Manchester. I want to ask you why autistic children between [the ages] 16 and 19 have had school buses cut because of your cutbacks. Do you know what it means for an autistic girl to have to get on a public bus to go to school every single fucking day?”

Marr continued: “It is inhuman. This is not fair. This is not the way we want to do things in Manchester, whether you are a red or a blue, a Tory or if you are Labour. We don’t do things like that up here, Mr Cameron, because we are fair and we’re Mancunians.”

Marr proceeded to dedicate a cover of The Primitives’ ‘Crash’ to Cameron, singing: “Shut your mouth ‘cos I’m not listening any how, I’ve had enough of you, enough to last a lifetime through”.

Watch footage of the moment below.


Cameron and Marr have clashed in the past, with the guitarist saying that he “forbids” the Tory leader from liking his former band The Smiths.


Johnny Marr’s management company hinted earlier this week that they declined a request from David Cameron for free gig tickets.

Writing on Twitter, Marr’s management company Trust Management suggested that they had received a request for guest list tickets to one of Marr’s concerts from a “HIGH profile person who’s working in Manchester this week!!!”

Marr releases his new solo live album ‘Adrenalin Baby’ today (October 9).