Johnny Marr designs signature Fender guitar

Marr has made his own version of the Jaguar model

The Smiths‘ former guitarist Johnny Marr has put his name to a modified version of Fender’s Jaguar guitar.

The guitarist, who has also played as part of Modest Mouse and The Cribs, has said that he “got rid of a load of unwanted stuff” on the original model of the guitar to make his own version of the instrument. He said:

I kind of ending up making a brand new version of a great guitar and it does more with less stuff on it, I got rid of a load of unwanted stuff but you would never know looking at it.

Marr has apparently spent the past four years working on his own version of the guitar, reports 6Music News. He began playing the Jaguar model in 2005. “When I first started playing it, I wished that I had discovered it twenty years earlier because the sound of it sounded like I think I am supposed to sound,” he said.

He continued: “It was a little difficult as I so loved the original Jags and the look of them particularly that I didn’t want to take that away from that… But there was a lot of things about them technically that were really outdated and clunky for me.”