Johnny Marr: Boris Johnson is a “f***ing moron”

"I just don't think Boris Johnson is quite as dangerous somehow. He's just a fucking moron."

Johnny Marr has described Boris Johnson as a “fucking moron” in a new interview.

The Smiths icon was speaking to Uncut when he discussed how forthcoming album Call The Comet addresses the rise of Donald Trump in the US and the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

“Trump is easily the best example to hold up, but the UK version is just as toxic and – literally – closer to home”, he explained.


“But I suppose a destructive, negative reactive regime is the same here as it is in America. I just don’t think Boris Johnson is quite as dangerous somehow. He’s just a fucking moron.”

But despite his damning criticism of the Foreign Secretary, Marr insists that the new record is an attempt “to transcend politics”.

“What bothered me, going into the record, was that my creativity was being contaminated by these people”, he said.

“I almost resented that more than that they were doing to the world. It was impacting on the place where I live, on my friends thinking.

“I had to almost make a pact with myself to get around the political issue, so that my record wouldn’t be spoilt by it.”