Johnny Marr opens up in fan Q&A about the songs he wished he’d written

He also opened up about the making of some classic Smiths songs

Johnny Marr has taken part in an extensive Q&A with fans in which he revealed the songs he most wished he’d written.

Via Instagram, Marr opened up about the songs and told fans he wished he’d written. Marr said: “‘Waterloo Sunset’ the Kinks, ‘Lola’, by The Kinks, ‘Gimme Danger’, Iggy and the Stooges and ‘Shake Appeal’ by James Williamson from Iggy and Stooges ‘Raw Power’.”

The former Smiths guitarist went on to play a snippet of the latter as well as a few bars from his recent collaboration with Billie Eilish on the No Time To Die James Bond theme song. 


You can see the full Q&A via Marr’s Instagram Stories here.

Johnny Marr and Billie Eilish (Picture: Getty)

Elsewhere in the Q&A, Marr opened up about what he thought was the most underrated track with The Smiths as well as the making of ‘A Rush and a Push and The Land is Ours.’

Speaking about The Smith’s most underrated track, Marr said: “Maybe ‘Stretch Out and Wait’, ‘Half a Person’, I always liked those two songs.”

On being asked how he felt about ‘A Rush and a Push and The Land is Ours’ having no guitar parts on, Marr added: “I feel alright about it, that’s why I did it. That was the whole plan.

“Before ‘Strangeways’ was done, for a few months before I really wanted to open the album, however I was going to do it, with a song with no guitar parts on it…as a challenge and also I was kinda very bored of the whole ‘jingle jangle’ thing, it seemed like we were being put in that box…so I thought I’d try and sneak on the first track onto the album and see if anyone noticed. And nobody noticed until I told everybody.”


Marr also opened up about his favourite band, citing Dublin’s Fontaines DC. Marr went on to describe them as: “Clever, good rocking rifts, good band, smart…”

On the songs defining his mood at the current time as the coronavirus crisis continues, Marr said: “It’s gotta be ‘Lockdown’, obviously, or ‘Bug’.”

Marr recently praised Billie Eilish after the pair joined forces on ‘No Time To Die’. Eilish’s title track for the 25th Bond film was unveiled last month, with Marr on guitar alongside orchestral arrangements from renowned composer Hans Zimmer.

Marr explained: “We were already working on the film when I heard Billie had done the song and that was already a good idea to me.

“Before I’d even heard the song, I thought it was just a smart idea and this was before all the Grammys and stuff.

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