Johnny Marr says he’s not “mates” with Morrissey: “We’re just very different”

Marr was also asked about the former Smiths frontman's controversial views, which have included voicing his support for Tommy Robinson

Johnny Marr has spoken about his relationship with Morrissey, reiterating that the former bandmates are “not mates”.

Marr, who released his third solo studio album ‘Call The Comet’ today (June 15), has been speaking about his former Smiths bandmate in a number of interviews in the lead-up to the release of his new LP this week.

Speaking to The Independent, Marr was asked if his decision not to speak about his exit from The Smiths or criticise Morrissey – who has drawn criticism for his controversial views on a number of occasions, most recently in his defence of EDL co-founder Tommy Robinson – in past years was down to the fact that they were “still mates”.

“I wouldn’t say that no. No, no, no. Haha, no we’re not mates,” Marr said in response. “We’re just very different. But we always were very different people. But everyone knows that! Everyone knows everything there is to know.”

Johnny Marr

Johnny Marr

Asked for his take on Morrissey’s aforementioned controversial views, Marr appeared keen to carry on his policy of not calling out the artist.

“Look, it’s just something that happens out there,” he said while looking, as The Independent notes, “slightly exasperated”.

“If I was that arsed I would be able to concoct something. But I can’t even be fucked concocting some answer. All anyone needs to know is that I oppose those views from Morrissey or anybody else.”

In another interview this week, Marr was asked about whether he felt any ‘loyalty’ to Morrissey.