Johnny Marr’s new album has a title and is “coming soon”

"It's about imagining a new type of society"

Johnny Marr has revealed that his upcoming solo album will be called ‘Call The Comet’ and is ‘coming soon’.

Today saw the former Smiths turned solo icon took to his social media channels today to share a new photo along with a teaser for his third solo record:


Speaking to NME about what to expect from the new album, Marr said: “You’d know it if you’d seen me with the band on my first two solo records, but it’s a little more emotional, ‘out there’ and dramatic. The lyrics are a bit deeper. It’s mostly concerned with external things but there are a couple of personal songs on there for me. This time around, I had to imagine a society, rather than just report what I see.”

He continued: “There’s some H.G. Wells in there. I’ve been reading a lot of interesting stuff from the early 20th Century. It’s not quite utopian, but it’s imagining a new kind of society. That’s how I felt going into it at the start of last year.

“Rather than feeling like it was too bleak as reportage or commentary about what I see outside, it’s kept the psycho-geography of the first two records but I had to reimagine it. I don’t want those fuckers contaminating my creativity.”

Last year saw Marr launch a new project with actress Maxine Peak, tackling the issue of homelessness with the powerful song and video ‘The Priest’. More music and some shows from their collaboration are expected to follow later this year.