Johnny Marr reveals how Brexit and Donald Trump will influence his new album

"I was trying to imagine an alternative society."

Johnny Marr has revealed how the effects of Brexit and Donald Trump’s presidency will affect the sound of his next album, despite initially hoping that both events wouldn’t filter into his music.

The former Smiths guitarist is currently recording his third solo album at his purpose-built studio in Manchester, with the record expected for release in spring 2018.

Now, he’s revealed how the two most unexpected events of 2016 will influence the sound of the record, despite his initial hope that it wouldn’t happen.


“Because of what had happened with Brexit and Trump and everything, I came into this record really determined to not let those fuckwits impede on my creative life”, Marr told Q.

“But you’re living in this world and you can’t do anything about it. So much of the record is about dislocation.

“Whether it’s being forced by the political system or because of personal demons. I was trying to imagine an alternative society.”

But while he’s been holed up recording the record, he recently took a break to attend a Manchester City game alongside Noel Gallagher.

The two have become fast friends over the years, with Marr joining Gallagher both on-stage and as part of his upcoming new album ‘Who Built The Moon?’.


Earlier this month, Johnny joined Noel to watch Manchester City win 3-1 against Arsenal at home, with the two indie icons spotted in the crowd, enjoying the game together.