Johnny Marr says he doesn’t ‘feel any need to stick by’ Morrissey

The legendary guitarist spoke about his former Smiths bandmate recently airing "hateful views"

Johnny Marr has said he doesn’t “feel any need to stick by” Morrissey over some of the things he’s said recently.

His former Smiths bandmate has caused controversy in recent months by lending his support to far right party For Britain, called Hitler “left-wing”, and called the treatment of EDL co-founder Tommy Robinson “shocking”, among other things. 

Speaking to Channel 4, Marr said: “Things have changed. 30 years is a long time. I don’t feel the need to stick by anyone unless I agree with what they’re saying.”


Asked if he disagreed with Morrissey’s recent comments, he replied. “Course I disagree with what he’s saying. I don’t think that’s really a surprise that I would disagree with what Morrissey’s saying. I think everyone would expect that I disagree. Course I disagree.”

The guitarist and solo star also discussed the downfalls of the world being able to express their opinion online. “One of the problems with everybody have a voice now is that a lot of very negative, very scary people have a platform now, whereas they were hiding under rocks before,” he said.

“Because it was more difficult 30 years ago for reactionary views… they had to be very, very ballsy to go out on television or go out onto the streets cos they had to front up to what they were saying,” he continued. “Now it’s a lot easier for people with dodgy views and hateful views to express those views because they can hide behind anonymity. But also it’s so easy now to be unaccountable for anything, really.”

Meanwhile, Marr recently told NME which of the bands he’s worked with over his varied career he’d most like to reunite with. “Last year I did a couple of things while I was making [acclaimed new album] ‘Call The Comet‘,” he said. “I did a The The comeback single, which was their first for 15 or 16 years. That was a real joy, to be playing behind Matt Johnson again. I never really think the door is shut on The The, and I’ve got a feeling that Modest Mouse is a chapter that’s yet to be finished. Those are the two people I’d like to work with again.”

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