Johnny Marr shares video for new single ‘The Tracers’

Marr and band go on a sombre trip to an abandoned factory

Johnny Marr has shared a video for his track ‘The Tracers’.

The former Smiths guitarist releases his latest solo album ‘Call The Comet’ on June 15. Read NME‘s track-by-track guide to the album.

Ahead of its release, Marr has shared a Mat Bancroft-directed video for its track ‘The Tracers’, which sees the musician and band embarking on a rather sombre car journey to an abandoned factory. Watch beneath.


NME recently wrote of the track: “Johnny’s own personal favourite on the record, and we can’t help but agree. Loaded with “woops”, hooks and a constant rumbling tension, ‘The Tracers’ is the perfect balance between his knack for pop and the cinematic mastery he’s demonstrated with his pal Hans Zimmer. It’s like a runaway train to the future, and we don’t want to get off.”

Johnny Marr recently spoke to NME about ‘Call The Comet’, saying: “It’s a little more emotional, ‘out there’ and dramatic. The lyrics are a bit deeper. It’s mostly concerned with external things but there are a couple of personal songs on there for me. This time around, I had to imagine a society, rather than just report what I see.”

Marr added: “There’s some H.G. Wells in there. I’ve been reading a lot of interesting stuff from the early 20th Century. It’s not quite utopian, but it’s imagining a new kind of society. That’s how I felt going into it at the start of last year. Rather than feeling like it was too bleak as reportage or commentary about what I see outside, it’s kept the psycho-geography of the first two records but I had to reimagine it. I don’t want those fuckers contaminating my creativity.”


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