Jon Bon Jovi reflects on “scarring” Trump feud after rival bids to buy NFL team

Trump allegedly orchestrated a shady smear campaign against the singer

Jon Bon Jovi has opened up on how Donald Trump allegedly orchestrated a shady smear campaign against him after the pair lodged rival bids to buy NFL side the Buffalo Bills.

The singer joined forces with Canadian investors to try and buy the team in 2014, outbidding another offer from Trump.

But he soon noticed that there was strong negative sentiment towards him in the area, with “Bon Jovi-free” zones being created amid rumours and he and his partners would move the team from New York to Toronto.


While Bon Jovi fiercely denied the claims and the Bills were sold to a third bidder, the saga reappeared three years ago when it emerged that the campaign had been started by Michael Caputo, a political strategist who had been hired by Trump.

Discussing the impact of Trump’s smear campaign, Bon Jovi told the Guardian: “I was really shocked at the depths [Trump] went to. He wasn’t even qualified to buy the team, because you have to submit your tax returns, and he never filed the paperwork.

“Instead, he did this dark shadow assassination thing, hoping to buy the team at a bargain basement price. But I just couldn’t understand how this misinformation was being put out there. It was seriously scarring.”

Bon Jovi has since been a long-time critic of Trump and delivered a virtual performance at the inauguration of Joe Biden last week, covering The Beatles’ ‘Here Comes The Sun’.


Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s impeachment trial for “inciting insurrection” at the Capitol will begin on February 8.

While Trump is no longer President, he will be banned from running for President once more in 2024 if he is found guilty by the Senate.