The acclaimed DJ tells his new project will be under the pseudonym Junior Cartier...

Wall Of Sound stalwart and ex-Monkey Mafia mainman Jon Carter has been talking to about his forthcoming debut album under his house-ified JUNIOR CARTIER moniker.

“It’s going really well,” he confessed at a mud-stricken Homelands. “It’s mainly written , and it’ll be finished by the end of the summer.”

Carter first made his name DJing ragga-breakbeat at London’s now legendary Heavenly Social nights, while his band Monkey Mafia toured with the likes of Reprazent and Massive Attack. The single ‘Women Beat Their Men’ at the end of last year was his first as Junior Cartier. “That was a bit of a pinnacle, but (the album) will be right across the board,” he says. “Some of it will be really mad, some of it a bit deeper. It’s something I need to get out of my system – I want to make an album that’s similar to my DJing.”


Carter also revealed that he intends to reform Monkey Mafia, but the band will record under a different name. “The name Monkey Mafia always got on my tits, to be honest,” confessed Carter. “We were doing some dark stuff, and I think the comic connotations to the word Monkey were inappropriate.”

The Junior Cartier album is scheduled for release next January on Wall Of Sound.

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