Listen to Jon Fratelli’s debut solo album on NME.COM

'Psycho Jukebox' is streaming here now

Jon Fratelli has completed his debut solo album, and you can listen to it exclusively on NME.COM now.

The former Fratellis frontman releases ‘Psycho Jukebox’ on July 25, but you can listen to the record in full by clicking on the player below.

‘Psycho Jukebox’ was recorded in Los Angeles at the seminal Sound Factory studio with producer Tony Hoffer, who handled Fratelli‘s old band’s 2006 debut ‘Costello Music’. The new record retains the same musicians that he worked with on his side-project Codeine Velvet Club, keyboard player Will Foster and bassist Lewis Gordon.

Track titles include ‘She’s My Shaker’, ‘King Of Rock’n’Roll’, ‘Daddy Won’t Pay Your Bill’, ‘The Band Just Played For Me’, ‘Oh Shangri La’ and ‘Don’t Make Me Close My Eyes’.

Fratelli said of the album: “This is the best collection of songs I’ve written. I think these songs will make sense to people who liked The Fratellis, but I try not to over-think things. It’s all part of the same thing to me, making music.”

You can also watch a live session and interview by clicking the video below the album player.