Second New York alt-rock band robbed in less than a month...

THE JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION had all their gear stolen while on tour in Canada on Thursday.

The theft took place in Vancouver, British Columbia; the band found a pawn shop in the city that they believe had been offered the gear, but have so far been unable to recover it.

Click here for a list of what was taken.


Like Sonic Youth, who had all their equipment stolen recently, the gear was tailored to the JSBE‘s sound. According to a spokeswoman for Mute records, however, the theft is unlikely to affect the band’s UK appearances at Reading (August 27) and Leeds (28).

Meanwhile, the band release a new single on August 23 called ‘Heavy’, backed with:

‘2 Kindsa Love’ (Duck Rock remix) ‘Blues Power’ (Re-Revisited) ‘Heavy’ (Duck Rock edit) ‘Attack Detroit’

‘Acme Plus’, the album of exclusive tracks , alternative mixes and remixes from the ‘Acme’ sessions is out on September 13.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion also team up with Dub Narcotic Sound System on ‘In A Dancehall Style’, released on September 20 on K Records.

The nine-track album was recorded at Dub Narcotic‘s studios in Olympia, Washington, before the Blues Explosion‘s last album ‘Acme’.


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