Jonathan Davis plays emotional first gig with KoRn since his wife’s death

Deven passed away last month

Jonathan Davis recently returned to the road for his first show with KoRn since the death of his wife.

Deven Davis died last month at the age of 39, following a battle with mental illness and addiction.

As KoRn performed at The Masonic in San Francisco for their first show since her passing as part of their ‘Follow The Leader’ 20th anniversary tour, Jonathan broke down in tears several times – often pausing to embrace his bandmates as the crowd cheered in support for the singer.

During the encore of ‘4U’, Davis paused mid-song to tell the crowd: “This was my wife’s favourite song. I’m sorry.”

Paying tribute to his wife after her passing, Davis also called for more understanding for those suffering with mental illness.

“If you know someone with a mental illness, have compassion and empathy, and know that they are not bad people, they are suffering,” he said. “I want this to inspire change. I want California law to change to help people like me help others get the help they need. How can someone who is sick realise themselves that they need help? She wasn’t well enough to realise how sick she really was, and wasn’t able to get the help for herself that she really needed. ‘This shouldn’t have to happen to other mothers, or anyone for that matter. I’d give anything to have the chance to hold her again.

“I’d give anything for my kids to have their mother back. I have comfort in knowing that now she has found freedom from her illness, and she is finally at peace.”

Jonathan and Deven Davis