Jonathan Davis reveals how Korn almost ended up with a very different band name

An ultimatum with their manager almost resulted in a very different name

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has revealed how the nu-metal titans almost ended up with an extremely different band name in one of their earliest iterations.

In a new interview with Revolver, Davis explained how the band almost opted for the most unlikely of monikers – Larry.

“The Korn logo came about when we were trying to come up with a band name. Our manager at the time, Larry, we told him we were gonna call it Korn and he’s like: ‘You can’t name your band Korn'”, said Davis.


“So we told him: ‘Well, we’re gonna name it Larry then,'” he continued. “And he’s like: ‘Fuck you.’ I’m like: ‘It’s gonna be either Larry or Korn. You fuckin’ pick.'”

Reflecting on the band’s eventual name, Davis said: “I fucking chuckle to this day that my band’s name is Korn. It’s fucking funny!

“We twisted it, spelled it different with the backwards R and made it kinda spooky, and it worked.”

Korn’s last album came in 2019’s ‘The Nothing’.


NME gave ‘The Nothing’ a four-star review, writing that on the record, Korn “join their contemporaries Rammstein, Slipknot and Tool as giants of metal who have proved their longevity.”

They are also set to perform at Download Festival 2021.