Jonathan Richman announces new online series ‘Just a Spark, On Journey From Dark’

Set to feature new music, poetry and more

Jonathan Richman has announced a new online series, entitled ‘Just a Spark, On Journey From Dark’.

Per Pitchfork, the new project will feature music, poetry, interviews and more, with guest musical appearances. It’s set to kick off from September 1 via Richman’s label Blue Arrow Records, at irregular intervals.

It’s a significant amount of online activity for the former Modern Lovers frontman, who proudly proclaims not to use the internet at all. He has no social media presence, with all inquiries directed to his label.


Richman released his last solo album, ‘SA’ in 2018. He reissued his fourth and most notable solo album ‘I, Jonathan’ on vinyl for the first time earlier this month. Subscription service Vinyl Me Please also issued a special edition of the record on sky blue vinyl.

The record continues to be difficult to listen to online, with most of its songs absent from YouTube, streaming services or Bandcamp.

Back in April, label Smoking Badger released an archival live album from Richman, ‘The Central Park Concert 1988 (WBAI Broadcast)’. It included a new live version of The Modern Lovers’ track ‘Vincent Van Gogh’, among solo cuts like ‘That Summer Feeling’ and ‘It’s You’.

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