Jacques Green and Jones Meadow hit back at Tories’ weird Brexit rave advert

Anyone up for a Tory rave?

Jones Meadow and Jacques Greene have spoken out against a bizarre rave-inspired video from the Conservative Party promoting Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

Yesterday, the Tory Party shared a video with the hashtag #GetBrexitDone, encouraging the country to come together set to visuals inspired by a rave aesthetic and backed by the song ‘Middle’ by Jones Meadow.


However, Meadow has told NME that he “was not aware of this”, adding “I don’t want to be involved with it in any way.”

The track was supplied for the applied by Epidemic Sound, who licence music to creators royalty free.

“We take the moral rights of our musicians very seriously and are working with Jonas (Jones Meadow) to ensure his music isn’t used in any way which may compromise those rights,” Epidemic Sound’s CEO Oscar Hoglund told NME.

Check out Meadow’s original track below.

Meanwhile, the artist Hassan Rahim has also likened the design of the advert to that of Jacques Greene’s album, ‘Feel Infinite’.


“Honestly, I’m not the one to give two shits about getting ripped or copied, you’ll never see me call anyone out,” he wrote. “Even big agencies cause they corny anyways. i’m usually amused – but sometimes it’s just… dark!”

Rahim added: “Worth noting it’s entirely a fact that these people have no idea who I am, they are simply referencing a rather common aesthetic in modern electronic music since Jacques Greene’s influential 2017 record.”

Greene himself then responded, simply Tweeting the ad with the message “go fuck yrself lol”

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Others have also taken online to question the Party’s decision to assimilate with rave culture.

“Please tell me you are not rebranding the end of freedom of movement with upbeat music and catchy slogans as if it’s something cute and fun lol,” wrote the artist Mina. “Weirdos.”

The Conservative Party are yet to respond to complaints about the video.

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