Jose Mourinho fires back at “king of rock and roll” Noel Gallagher

The Manchester United manager seems to have taken exception to comments made by City fan Noel on Sky Sports last month

Jose Mourinho has appeared to aim a surprising dig at Noel Gallagher, knocking the former Oasis guitarist’s – or “king of rock and roll”, according to Mourinho – views on his management style.

The Manchester United manager has been publicly criticised by Gallagher in recent months, with the noted Manchester City fan deriding the Portuguese’s “hypocrisy” following City’s 2-1 derby win over United last month.

Serving as a guest pundit on Sky Sports’ coverage of that United v City match, Gallagher said after the game: “It’s payback time… respect to the United fans who clapped Pep Guardiola off – they know they’ve seen something special today.”

“The hypocrisy of the man is staggering,” he added about Mourinho’s post-match comments, which took issue with the nature of City’s win.

Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany and Noel (Credit: Kevin Cummins)

Mourinho has appeared to belatedly fire back at Gallagher following his side’s 2-0 victory over Everton on New Year’s Day, with the United manager using his press conference to respond to his critics – including, apparently, Gallagher.

“The performance was really good, so maybe I’m lucky this time and the kings of the rock and roll that said I was underperforming last match [versus Southampton, a 0-0 draw] maybe will say this time I performed,” Mourinho told reporters at Goodison Park.

Away from football-related matters, Gallagher remarked late last month that being a “stadium rocker” in your fifties is “undignified”.