Queens Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme calls Melbourne ‘a fucking mess’

Shots fired...

Josh Homme has caused a stir online after slamming the city of Melbourne during a recent Queens Of The Stone Age show in Adelaide.

QOTSA are currently on a huge tour of Australia in support of their acclaimed 2017 album ‘Villains‘. During some mid-set banter, Homme paid his respects to the home crowd.

“This is what Australia should fuckin’ look like,” Homme told the audience at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. “Whenever I come to Adelaide I always think ‘This is what Australia used to look like’. Melbourne’s a fucking mess. It looks like every other big city in the world. This looks like Australia. I’m serious.”


Melbourne is the birthplace of Homme’s wife, Distillers’ frontwoman and punk icon Brody Dalle. In an Australian interview last month, Homme hailed Dalle for being able to “spit 30 feet and punch like a guy”.

“She is my punk-rock dream girl,” said Homme. “I always thought if I could go out with a chick with a mohawk who also read philosophy, I’d be winning. Brody is the real deal. She does everything the boys can do and a whole slew of things no boy ever could.”

He continued: “I met Brody when she was 17 and I was 23. It was her first day in the US after relocating from Melbourne and I was playing guitar in the Screaming Trees. She came up to me backstage and asked if I was in Kyuss. We talked for an hour and a half and I never forgot her.”

Admitting that he “didn’t like” Dalle’s ex-boyfriend, Rancid singer Tim Armstrong, Homme added: “I lied and said I had made out with her in the hope that he would find out. I didn’t see her again until seven years later.”


The interview also saw Homme recall how he ‘got his ass kicked’ by homophobes for defending his homosexual brother while growing up.

Last year, Homme made headlines when he kicked photographer Chelsea Lauren at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas show in Inglewood. On December 9, the frontman kicked a camera from the photographer’s hands, which then hit her in the face. Lauren later needed care in hospital.

In the immediate aftermath of the photographer incident, Homme released an apology video, admitting that he had been a “total dick” and saying that he had “to figure some stuff out”.