Josh Homme shares new poems ‘Glass Cars’ and ‘Where The Fog Begins’

Homme has shared the 2015 recordings for the first time

Josh Homme has shared two new poems with fans and explained the inspiration behind his new efforts.

Posting on Instagram, the Queens Of The Stone Age frontman shared 2015 recordings of ‘Glass Cars’ and ‘Where The Fog Begins’ – both of which are read out by Homme in a baritone voice.

He said of ‘Where The Fog Begins’: “In an old piece of technology, I came across this recording. I was ill, stuck in bed & feeling restless; however, there was bright side. It had transformed my voice by lowering it.


“Making me sound like a radio performer for almost an entire day. I seized the baritone opportunity & did readings of a handful of poems I’d written. The poems weren’t busy & none of the poems were harmed during the recording of them being read aloud.”

‘Glass Cars’, meanwhile, was inspired by Homme’s daughter Camille.

“One day, a world ago, while driving with our daughter, her mom & I asked her to come up with a song title for us to use. Without missing a beat she calmly said “Glass Cars”,” explained Homme.

“Her mom & I loved the title so much, we often would pretend argue over who could use the title. In the end we decided to share the title. My version is just a poem . Poem is a life long bachelor, who has yet to meet that special song one, that poem feels ready to make a life song commitment with. Found this reading of poem & few others recently. Poem was recorded while I sick in bed in nov 2015.”


Queens Of The Stone Age will return to the UK this summer to headline Reading & Leeds 2021 alongside Stormzy, Post Malone, Disclosure and many more.