Josh Klinghoffer says there are no hard feelings following Red Hot Chili Peppers departure

It was announced last month that Klinghoffer was leaving the band as they welcomed back former guitarist John Frusciante

Josh Klinghoffer says that there’s no hard feelings between him and Red Hot Chili Peppers following his recent departure from the band.

It was announced last month that Klinghoffer would be leaving the Chilis after 10 years as they welcomed back former guitarist John Frusciante, who Klinghoffer originally replaced back in 2009.

Speaking in a new interview with Ultimate Guitar, Klinghoffer was asked whether or not there were any hard feelings between him and the band, or his replacement.


“I don’t think so. Not from me,” he replied.

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Red Hot Chili Peppers. CREDIT: Steve Jennings/Getty Images

He was also asked what lesson he would take away from his time with RHCP, which was met with a less forthcoming response.

“Ask me that another time,” he said.

Elsewhere, the guitarist shared his proudest moments as part of the band. Listing his solo at the end of ‘Dark Necessities’ as “a good one,” he also revealed that ‘Never Is A Long Time’ shares a special place in his heart.

“I still have a penchant for the song ‘Never Is a Long Time’ but no one knows that one,” he said.


Meanwhile, Red Hot Chili Peppers have revealed that they are currently at work on a new album with John Frusciante, who returned to the group last month after a 10-year absence.

Drummer Chad Smith told Rolling Stone that the Chilis are “psyched” to have their old guitarist back in the fold, and confirmed that “the festivals are the only shows booked” at present.