Joss Stone postpones tour dates to tend to sick dog

Singer hopes to return to the stage later this month (April)

Joss Stone has postponed a pair of upcoming shows so she can be with her ailing dog, Missy.

The singer, who was named reggae artist of the year in 2015, told fans she will be unable to perform in Bardados and Trinidad and Tobago this month as planned, but is hopeful of returning to the stage in Caracas, Venezuela, on April 21.

“Last night my dog Missy got rushed to the vets with internal bleeding, I was told she could have only a few hours to live,” Stone wrote on Facebook. “Luckily she made it through the night and they are now working hard to find out what is wrong and save her. Missy is the closest thing I have to a child. I know to some that may sound ridiculous but for me it is everything.”


“I have to go back and make sure she is ok before I can continue with the tour,” Stone then explained. “I hope that those who have planned to attend the shows can understand. I will come back I promise, but right now Missy comes first.

“Please say a prayer for Missy. I don’t know what I will do if she is not around. I can’t bear the thought. Please say a prayer even if you don’t believe in God, just put out some good energy for her.”

Last year, Stone teamed up with the Stone Temple Pilots to form one-off supergroup Joss Stone Temple Pilots, as part of Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Mash-Up Mondays’ series on his talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

‘Mash Up Mondays’ brings together two acts each week to form a one-off supergroup. The Joss Stone Temple Pilots performed together during November for a rendition of the US band’s 1994 track ‘Interstate Love Song’.