Joss Stone murder and robbery plot trial begins

Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool were arrested in 2011 after being found with swords, rope and a body bag

The trial of two men accused of plotting to rob and murder Joss Stone began today (March 18).

The trial at Exeter Crown Court restarted after being adjourned last August, in order to give the defence team more time to examine further medical evidence relating to the case.

Junior Bradshaw, 32, and Kevin Liverpool, 35, are accused of targeting the soul singer at her home in Devon back in June 2011. It is alleged that notes found in their possession stated that they intended to decapitate the singer and dump her body in a river, after stealing from her estimated £9,000,000 fortune.


They were arrested by police in the town of Cullompton after being discovered with swords, rope and a body bag.

The men, both from Manchester, deny charges of conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm and conspiracy to commit robbery.

AP reports that prosecutor Simon Morgan told the jury: “This case is about a decision by a group of individuals, of which these defendants are two, to rob and kill Joss Stone. They got a car, they collected their weapons of choice, and they made their way from Manchester to a short distance from Joss Stone’s house.”

The trial is expected to last three weeks and Stone is not expected to attend.