Joss Stone to appear in ‘The Tudors’

Soul singer will play the part of Anne Of Cleves

Joss Stone is set to appear in the third series of BBC2 TV show ‘The Tudors’.

The part will be Stone‘s TV acting debut, though she has recently appeared as the Flake Girl in a TV advertisement for the chocolate bar.

The soul singer will play the part of Anne Of Cleves in the series, which is set to air next year after filming commenced in June, reports the Hollywood Reporter.


Anne Of Cleves was married to the English monarch by proxy, who only saw a Hans Holbein painting of his intended bride. He later refused to honour marriage – designed to cement a strategic alliance – when Henry finally met her and his political allies shifted.

Stone has acted before, appearing in the 2006 film ‘Eragon’. She will also appear in forthcoming British romantic comedy ‘Snappers’, and has produced the soundtrack to the film.