Pair who plotted to kill Joss Stone have sentences reduced

Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool successfully appeal at London court

The two men found guilty of plotting to kill singer Joss Stone have had their sentences reduced following a successful appeal.

Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool were both found guilty of planning to kill, injure and rob the singer at her Devon home in 2011, after being found by police in possession of weapons including a samurai sword. Bradshaw was jailed for 18 years and Liverpool was jailed for life, alongside the recommendation of a minimum term of 10 years and eight months.

Those sentences will now be reduced with Bradshaw now set to serve 10 years and eight months, reports BBC News. Meanwhile, Liverpool’s minimum term has been reduced to six and a half years by three Court of Appeal judges in London.

Joss Stone previously said that she “felt sorry” for the two men. “There was a big part of me that felt sorry for them, sorry for their mums. I kept thinking, ‘What drives people to do something so awful as this?’ I thought about their mums, how they must feel. Someone comes to their door and says, ‘Your child has tried to murder someone’,” said Stone. “I did actually want to ask them why. Was it because I sang a song they hated?”