Journey are suing Monster Products for cancelling their $500k show

The band wants their fee, interest and the cost of the lawsuit covered

Journey are suing Monster Products for cancelling a show they were due to play for the electronics company.

The 70s band were dropped in favour of a “cheaper band”, according to The Hollywood Reporter, after Monster Products realised they couldn’t cover the $500,000 fee Journey had requested.

Now the San Franciscan rock outfit are suing Monster Products to get their hefty fee, as well as pre-judgment interest and the costs of the lawsuit

Journey’s attorney Howard King has stated, as reported by THR, that the Journey gig in question was booked in October (2015) and cancelled only a month later once the company realised they couldn’t afford to pay the band $500k to play.

Monster Products have apologised, but offered no payment.


Journey were controversially in the news around the time the Monster Products gig was booked after their then drummer Deen Castronovo pleaded guilty to, and was subsequently sentenced for, a number of domestic violence charges.

Castronovo was arrested in June 2015 on charges of alleged domestic violence and released on bail after his $20,000 (£12,500) bond was met.

Appearing in a court in Salem, Oregon on 12 October 2015, Castronovo was sentenced to four years on probation. He is also required to undergo counselling for domestic violence and drug abuse.

Castronovo faces five years in prison if he violates the terms of his probation.

The musician was also arrested in 2012 for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. He described the situation at the time saying: “It was a misunderstanding that should not have been escalated to such a level in the first place”.