Journey sack drummer and bassist after attempted corporate takeover

The band will announce a new bassist and drummer “imminently”

Journey have sacked their drummer and bassist over an alleged “corporate coup d’état.”

Steve Smith and bassist Ross Valory have been accused of trying to take over the corporate entity Nightmare Productions, Inc. in an attempt to take control of the Journey name.

The band’s remaining principal members, Neal Schon and Jon Cain filed a lawsuit on Tuesday (March 3) against the former drummer and bassist, reports Business Wire.


The complaint, filed by Miller Barondess, LLP in California Superior Court, claims that Smith and Valory held improper shareholder and Board Of Directors meetings of Nightmare Productions, voting to remove Cain and Schon as President and Secretary and taking their positions for themselves.

According to Cain and Schon’s lawyers, “With control of Nightmare Productions, Smith and Valory incorrectly believe they can seize control of the Journey name and force Schon, Cain and Nightmare Productions to provide them with wind-fall payments after their retirement; they want to be paid a share of Journey touring revenue in perpetuity under the guise of a licensing fee while they perform absolutely no work for the band.”

Seeking $10million in damages, Cain and Schon are suing their former bandmates for breach of fiduciary duty. Their lawyers have said it is an action that neither wanted to take against “two men that they once considered their brothers, but the devious and truculent behavior of Steve and Ross left them reluctantly with no choice but to act decisively.”

“Journey will continue on with great success by ridding the band of disruptive members and replacing them with top musicians; and most importantly, by keeping its essential members – Schon, Cain and Pineda – fully intact.” (via Business Wire)

Journey will announce a new bassist and drummer “imminently” and are getting ready to embark on a 60-city tour of North America in May. With Valory no longer in the band, Neal Schon is now the only sole founding member of Journey left.


Journey formed in 1973 and have sold over 75 million albums worldwide.

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